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Normandy - Caen
World War II Normandy - Caen

Tpr. J.L. Gaudet and Tpr. G.A. Scott of the South Alberta Regiment, pause in front of sign pointing on to Falaise and putt [...]

Canadian troops of the 3rd Infantry Division entering Caen, Normandy, after heavy bombing by Allied aircrafts and artiller [...]

The North Nova Scotia Highlanders near the crossing of the Orne River, Normandy, 18 July 1944.

Unexploded German 15.5 mm. shell is examined by Canadian Sappers. 10 July 1944, Caen, France.

Chaplains working with R.A.P. evacuate wounded 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, Caen, France, 15 July 1944.

Members of the Regimental Aid Party of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa treating a wounded soldier near Caen, France.

3rd Canadian Infantry Division H/Capt. Padre John M. Anderson chatting with Pte. Lawrence Herbert in his trench. 15 July 1 [...]

Soldiers aided by Despatch Riders fire Schmiezer into battered house. 10 July 1944, Caen, France.

Highland Light Infantry taking a rest on the bank of the Orne on the road to Caen. 18 July 1944, Caen, France.

Band of the 2nd Canadian Corps playing at an outdoor Mass celebrating Bastille Dat at the Church of St. Ouen de Rots. 13 J [...]

The Highland Light Infantry of Canada take a quick rest on the bank of the Orne River. 18 July 1944, Caen, France (vicinity).

Personnel of the Regina Rifles inside a damaged building. (L-R): Riflemen Nick Lingor, Bert Colwell, Steven Pelepink, Jimm [...]

Signalman A. McNeil entering Caen in a captured German half-track. 10 July 1944, Caen, France.

Personnel of Le Regiment de la Chaudiere preparing to launch dawn attack across the Orne River, France, 18 July 1944.

Caporal J.R. Pelletier in Bren carrier handling out cigarettes to civilians. 10 July 1944, Caen, France.

Lt.-Col. C. Petch (Montreal, Quebec) brings his North Nova Scotia Highlanders across the Odon River on the 'London' bailey [...]

Pte. W.J. Lutz, Pte. J.D. Hines (with guitar), and Pte. R. Lecoeyer relax beside dugout during battle. 10 July 1944, Caen, [...]

Pte. H.B. Hillis using truck mirror for shaving in bomb shuttered garage. He died 2 weeks later and is buried in Beny-Sur- [...]

A Royal Canadian Engineer (R.C.E.) Sapper armed with a Sten Gun, searching buildings for enemy snipers. July 9, 1944, Gruc [...]

Canadian tank moving into battle. 11 July 1944, Caen, France.
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