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The Department of National Defense has a collection of approximately 200,000 photos taken between 1939-1945 of efforts at home and abroad. It is our objective to made as many of them available, in the best possible quality, to all here at Learn more about Canada's military photograhers during World War 2 at the Faces of War website.
 Canadian War Art
 30/06: Canadian Armour in Ortona
 The Korean War
 29/10: Canadians in Korea
 World War I
 30/06: After a Trench Raid
 World War II
 06/12: Normandy in Colour Galleries
 31/12: Remembrance Day 2008 - Toronto
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 Re: The Battle of the Scheldt
Nov 12, 2015 18:52 -  Should the caption on this not be the 4th Armoured Division and not the 5th?
 Re: Canadians at Falaise
Apr 14, 2015 13:53 - Archives Canada has been asked to evaulaute the accuracy of the names of the soldiers associated with this photograph. The photo itself is attributed to well known Canadain war photographer (Lt.) Ken Bell. However the soldier shown here  in the le [...]
 Re: The Netherlands
Apr 11, 2015 12:57 - The man third from the left is not Coporal R.S. Marshall, he is William Ladbrook, my father.  Perhaps the man listed as unknown is R.S. Marshall. 
 Re: The Dieppe Raid
Feb 13, 2015 11:59 -  Any war is terrible but this upsets me to say he least I know for a fact that my grandpapa was wounded in this war :( leopold Charron was his name a good great man as was the other men that fought and died in this war..respect ot them all 
 Re: D-Day, Juno Beach
Aug 6, 2014 12:20 - Would anyone have a clue as to where these men would have been held as POWS? Age and time differences not withstanding, the younger officer could be a twin to a good friend. I wish I could learn who he was, but I imagine that's impossible. Thank you [...]