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Default Requesting Canadian Second World War Service Records

Second World War Service Records, Killed in Action.

Only files for those who died in service during the Second World War are available to the public.

Second World War Service Files: Canadian Armed Forces War Dead.

Over 1,159,000 men and women served in the Canadian Armed Forces during the Second World War (1939-1945); 44,093 lost their lives. This research tool provides access to references to their service files in the Department of National Defence Fonds (RG 24).


Ordering Second World war Service Records, for veterans who survived the Second World War can be requested by using the Application for Military Service Information form in the following instructions or contact LAC if help is need


Second World War (1939-1945): Canadian Armed Forces Members who Died in Service

There are no access restrictions on the service files for members of the Canadian Armed Forces who died in service between 1939 and 1947, including those killed in action, those who subsequently died of injuries related to service and those who died as a result of accident or illness while in service.


For all other military service files (1919-1997), including Second World War (not killed in action), access restrictions apply.


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Originally Posted by Pat090 View Post

Any idea about how many time it's taking for receive the genealogy package (Service Records) and how much it cost?

Thanks, Pat090

There is currently a six to eight month wait at the LAC for genie packs. There is a huge backlog and veterans take priority.

The genie pack, up to 25 pages, is free. Above that the fee is 40 cents/page (standard) or 80 cents/page (rush)
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How to order a copy of a complete service file

Most of the attestation papers have been digitized and appear online in the database.

The service files are paper originals. Beginning in May 2010, Library and Archives Canada has started to add digitized copies of the files to the database to make them more accessible, to help preserve the originals and to avoid copying the same file more than once.

For files not yet digitized, you can order photocopies or scanned images. The cost is the same. When a digital copy is requested, the complete file will be scanned and the digital images will be added to the database the next time it is reloaded. In this way, all Canadians can help contribute to the preservation of our country's military heritage.

Due to the large volume of inquiries we receive, we are unable to provide a service for selecting and copying specific documents from within a file; we only provide copies of complete file. As well, the documents are not paginated and we cannot undertake page counts of files prior to ordering. However, most Canadian Expeditionary Force service files contain an average of 25 to 75 pages, with those for personnel who were drafted or enlisted later in the war typically having smaller files. They are open to the public without access restrictions.

How to order copies

See: Price List and Service Standards - Photocopy
•To obtain the students or seniors citizens (65 years of age and over) reduced rates, you must send a photocopy of your ID card with your written request or present your ID card to the staff when placing your request in-person.

Orders can be placed using our secure online Order Form for Photocopies and Reproductions, or by mail or fax. Please include your credit card number and the expiry date.

Reproduction Services
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4
Fax: 613-995-6274

•We do not accept orders for copies by email as we cannot guarantee security for your credit card information. However, our online Order Form for Photocopies and Reproductions is secure.


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Access Restrictions;

•Access to personal information relating to an individual who is still living requires that person's signed consent.

•If the individual has been deceased for less than 20 years, limited information may be released to immediate family. Proof of death and relationship must be provided.

•There are no restrictions on access to information relating to an individual who has been deceased for more than 20 years. Proof of death is required.

Proof of Death: A copy of a death certificate, newspaper obituary, funeral notice or photograph of the gravestone. Note that proof of death is not required if the individual died while in service.

Proof of Relationship: A document that clearly demonstrates the relationship between the individual concerned and the person requesting the record. Both names must appear on the document. A newspaper obituary, baptismal certificate or full-form birth certificate are acceptable. A wallet-sized birth certificate that does not indicate parents' names is not accepted. Please do not send original documents; photocopies are acceptable.

Immediate Family: A parent, spouse, child, sibling or grandchild of the individual.

Should you wish to submit a formal request under privacy legislation, see: Records of the Government of Canada.

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