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The communal cemetery in IJlst contains two Commonwealth war graves.
These are the graves of airmen of the No. 410 Squadron RCAF, who died on 10-04-1943.

Flying Officer (Nav.Radar) Roland Montgomery Bull, J/8604, age 24
Flying Officer (Pilot) John Edward Leach, J/15578, age 26

On 10 April 1943, the Mosquito DZ743 of No. 410 Squadron RCAF flew an intruder mission over Friesland. The purpose of this mission was destroying enemy vehicles and/or aircraft on the ground. The Mosquito opened fire on a train at the station in IJlst, after that it hit a tree and crashed at 1030 in IJlst. Both crew members died in the crash and were buried in this cemetery.

Text: Paul en Anneke Moerenhout
Photos: Anneke Moerenhout
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I just checked the 410 (RCAF) Squadron Air Operations Records, thru the British National Archives,

It reports on the 10 Apr 1943, their plane depart, at 0855 hours, and Failed to Return.

As a note, they did depart as a two ship formation (another aircraft was with them on departure).

Aircraft DZ694, P/O Watt, J.A. and P/O Collin, E.H. also departed on the same "Ranger" mission, departing at 0855 hrs. Their aircraft returned to base at 0935 hour "Returned to base as a result of mechanical trouble".

Also, the record indicated they had a mission on the 6th April 1943, departing at 1550, returned at 1800 hrs. Record states "Crossed Dutch coast at Texal but returned after very shallow penetration as weather unsuitable"

If you would care for a copy of this records (410 Squadron Operations Records for the month of April 1943), please contacted me by PM and I will gladly e-mail you the record

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Found this thread by accident more or less.
I live in IJlst and always had a great fascination for WW2, fueled by a primary school teacher as well as the son of our late neighbour.

He was working on his uncles farm which was very near to the crash site, he told me about diving in a ditch to take cover for the impact.

He remembers lively what he saw and smelled that day, but also the tremendous feeling of not being able to do anything for the crew.

Being a Mosquito made up from British ash the wood was fuelling the fire, that along with the fuel capacity to get back to the UK made for a fire there was no escaping from.

He also told me about a piece of perspex, of which they had have made rings out, with the red white and blue of our flag.
Sadly he doesn't have this anymore.

He must be in his 80's now, still lectures in MI now and then when his health allows it....talking about the incident makes him choke up, but he sees the importance of telling his wartime stories to the current generations.
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Hello My Name is Peter Leach My Father was Harold Leach and Grandfather was Bill Leach from Barrow In Furness England.

My Father told me about My Uncle Jack who was a Mosquito Pilot with the Royal Canadian Air force during the war but was shot down and killed over Belgium (I believe he visited with my fathers family and the uncle could refer to a cousin also 'Jack' was often used for John) Is it possible that John Edward Leach is the man he was talking about and also might that make us cousins??
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Probably on the money there, Pete.

John Edward Leach was born 28 September, 1916 in Glasgow.

His parents were Thomas Austin Leach and Beatrice May Plumb, both of Barrow-in-Furness. They were married there in June 1911.

His grandfather was a J. Leach, Nolker Old Farm, Cark-in-Cartmel, Lancashire.

He married Daphne Minto Shaw, aged 18, of Rochester, Alberta in Toronto, 29 September 1941.

He had 2 sisters. Mrs. Winnifred Mae Griffin, age 28 (in 1943) and Mrs. Doris Ellen Coulson, age 31 (in 1943), both of Toronto.

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Default Sgt Lloyd W Barclay RCAF 410 fighter squadron

My father Sgt Lloyd W Barclay was a radar mechanic with the RCAF 410 fighter squadron during WWII. He almost certainly knew both Roland Bull and John Leach as he was based in England for the early years of the war and after D day in France Belgium and Holland. I would just like to say that if it were not for the sacrifice made by these brave men I would not be here. Thank you.
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