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Default Dieppe

My uncle, Robert Adams was also a POW as a result of the Dieppe raid. He was a sapper and a sergeant. Badly wounded, his life was saved by German doctors. The family history says that he was repatriated on a Red Cross exchange before the war ended. He did lose one eye and succumbed to shrapnel in his heart about 10 yrs after the war.
I have been trying to find out where he may have been interned. I see from a post on this thread that he may have been at Lamsdorf.
Any suggestions as to how I would trace his war experience after Dieppe?
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Thumbs up Hi Lyall:

Originally Posted by lyallpedersen View Post
I am working on updating my family tree and I found a relative (Charles James Stocks) that was in the Queens own Cameron highlanders all the info I have is that he was part of the raid on Dieppe, was taken prisoner, spent the remainder of the war as a POW. He returned to Winnipeg after the war but died of tuberculosis on Aug. 23 1948 and now rests in Brookside cemetery, Winnipeg.
Charles James Stocks born in Roland Manitoba Oct 16 1914 and was my grandmotherís cousin. The Stocks family has a history of living in the Roland, Homewood, Myrtle area as well as Ontario County, East Whitby and Columbus Ontario I was wondering if I could toss out a few names to you and see if you are familiar with any of them.

James Stocks 1826

Jessie Watson Stocks 1876 -Myron Ford Martin,
-Estelle Margaret Martin 1902
Elizabeth Keith Stocks 1878 -William Daniel Dyer 1872
-James Daniel Dyer 1901
-William Cecil Dyer 1903
-John Wesley Dyer 1905
-Mary Margaret Dyer 1907
-Elsie Gertrude Dyer 1908
-David Whitfield Dyer 1914
James John Stocks 1880 -Cynthia Prette (remarried to James Clark)
-Charles James Stocks 1913 (was at Dieppe)
-Margaret Ann Stocks 1916
-William Henry Stocks 1917
-Mary Jean Stocks 1919
Robert Carmichael Stocks 1882 -Jannet Balmer Minty 1881
-Keith Gordon Stocks 1908
-Marion Margaret Stocks 1909
-Jessie Agnes Stocks 1911
-Robert Ivan Stocks 1913
-Jennet Elizabeth Stocks 1915
-Clarence James Stocks 1918
-Eva Kathleen Stocks 1920 (my grandmother)
-Marguerite Marie Stocks 1925
William George Stocks 1886 -Alice Mabel Victoria Glover
-Richard James Stocks 1918
-Alice Margaret 1920
-Wilma Agnes Stocks 1926
Margaret Lorene Stocks 1888 -James Alexander Stoddart
-no kids
Agnes Jane (Jennie) Stocks 1890 -David Storey Phillips 1889
-Margaret Elizabeth Phillips 1916
-Lloyd Stanley Phillips 1818
-Wesley David Phillips 1922
-Mary Mildred Phillips 1924
-Shirley Jean Phillips 1927

Ok so itís a bit more than a few names but the fact that you said your uncle was in the Queens own Cameron Highlanders I thought its worth a try.

Thanks a lot

Charles James Stocks is my Uncle (my mother's brother)! My mother was Mary Jean Stocks and she passed away in January 1991.

I found your post rather intriguing, as it listed my mother's immediate family (parents and siblings).


Anne L. (Winnipeg)
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