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Default D L Morash - Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment

I've started a thread for the above, as family is looking for information on this WW2 veteran.

Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment, links to information below. They were part of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division (same Division as my uncle and father in law served in), and served in Italy and NW Europe




A book about the Regiment, that you may wish to check out at your local library:

Cederberg, Fred. The Long Road Home Toronto, ON: 1984

Another book:


Short details on the Regiment in WW2:

The 1st Battalion was mobilized for active duty on 5 May 1942 and was employed on home defence until disbanded on 15 Oct 1943. The Overseas Battalion designated as such on 12 Jul 1944 had been previously designated 1st LAA Regiment and was organized on 1 Feb 1941. It was composed of the 35th, 89th and 109th Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries. The regiment arrived in Augusta, Sicily on 8 Nov 1943 and proceeded to Messina where it remained until Jan 1944. It arrived at Reggin, Italy on 8 Jan 1944 and was re-organized as infantry and was re-designated “The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment”. The regiment served at San Guistina, the Rubicone, and Savio Rivers. The regiment participated in operations at Ortona, crossed the Naviglio Canal and secured the next one, — the Munio. There they had a stiff encounter with the enemy’s powerful machine guns and artillery, resulting in many casualties. As a component of the 12th Cdn Inf Bde, it participated in operations at San Guistina, the Ribicone and Savio Rivers. The regiment landed in France on 5 Mar 1945 and moved to Lozer, Belgium. It was re-designated 1st LAA Regiment and moved to Ostend, Belgium. In May of 1945 it moved into Holland. On VE Day the regiment was located in the area of Ede. Members of the regiment were returned to Canada later that summer. Total Battle Casualties during World War II were 530 of which 139 were fatal.

5th Canadian Armoured Division Organization:


11th Infantry Brigade:
• 11th Independent Machine Gun Company (The Princess Louise Fusiliers)
• The Perth Regiment
• The Cape Breton Highlanders
• The Irish Regiment of Canada

12th Infantry Brigade:
• 12th Independent Machine Gun Company (The Princess Louise Fusiliers)
• 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards
• The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment
• The Westminster Regiment (Motor)

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