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Default Hi new Member with Old German photos of Canadian Raid on Dieppe.

Hello everyone

I'm from Devon in England but I still have 15 old b/w photos with German sub-titles my father bought when he went on holiday to France in about 1948/49 or so. I'd forgotten I still had them but during a major clear out of old papers several years ago re-discovered them again. Recently I've been trying to find a forum such as yours to post them onto for posterity.

He bought them in Dieppe and were taken by the Germans just after the unfortunate Canadian raid on the town dated 19th August 1942. They show pictures some very sad of tanks on the beach, the town and captured Canadian prisoners being marched off presumably to a POW camp.

Even if this isn't the right place would you like me to scan and post them anyway ?

Best wishes and really do hope this will eventually be of some help to someone....


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