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World War II
 A Friend for Supper
In this short film made during World War II, a teacher explains how children in Russia, China and occupied Europe are going hungry and how Canada is helping to remedy the situation.

Length: 10:00, Views: 2,397
 Action Stations
This World War II film highlights the role of Canadian corvettes on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. Battle scenes show a crew sighting a German submarine and sinking it. Other scenes show training on the high seas.

Length: 44:25, Views: 2,292
 Atlantic Crossroads
This short documentary focuses on Newfoundland's role in WWII. Due to its geographical position, Newfoundland became a central point of activity during the war, housing military air bases and becoming the link between the Allied forces and Europe. In s [...]

Length: 8:50, Views: 1,732
 Atlantic Patrol
This short documentary about the Canadian seamen who manned Canada's eastern ports during WWII is the first film in the Canada Carries On series. The film depicts the work of the Royal Canadian marines who accompanied convoys of military supplies to th [...]

Length: 9:49, Views: 1,461
 Back to Jobs
This short documentary depicts the return of Canadian WWII veterans to civilian life, including those who, because of war injuries or lack of training, require special treatment or courses before taking on jobs. Throughout the program, emphasis is laid [...]

Length: 9:35, Views: 1,190
 Banshees Over Canada
This newsreel documentary made during WWII was used to illustrate Britain's preparations for an air attack. Scenes depict destruction wrought by enemy planes, the efficiency of retaliation by the Royal Air Force and the precautions taken in Canada agai [...]

Length: 19:00, Views: 1,177
 Behind the Swastika: Nazi Atrocities
This short documentary reveals the atrocities that occurred in German concentration camps during World War II. With images of suffering humans and mass graves, this film depicts the events that transpired under Hitler's rule and the condition of the pr [...]

Length: 5:15, Views: 2,522
 Call for Volunteers
This short archival film from WWII depicts how the women of Winnipeg opened a volunteer bureau and enlisted 7000 women into the war effort. Through a variety of activities, these women extended and maintained social services during the war.

Length: 9:28, Views: 1,711
 Canada Remembers Part One: Turning the Tide
Part one of a three-part series, Canada Remembers, Turning the Tide documents the years between the outbreak of WWII in September 1939 and June 1944. A compilation of modern day interviews interspersed with photographs and footage from the war, this do [...]

Length: 53:43, Views: 2,183
 Canada Remembers Part Three: Endings and Beginnings
Part three of a three-part series, Canada Remembers, Endings and Beginnings focuses on the final phase of WWII in Europe in 1945 and the aftermath. Veterans recount their memories of the conflict at the Rhine and the celebrations on VE Day, followed by [...]

Length: 49:14, Views: 1,658
 Canada Remembers Part Two: The Liberators
Part two of a three-part series, Canada Remembers, The Liberators focuses on WWII during the period between June and December 1944. While following the action from the D-Day landings on the shores of Normandy up into Belgium and Holland, the film also [...]

Length: 54:16, Views: 2,247
 Children from Overseas
A WWII film about children evaculated from Britain and sent to Canada for their safety. The film begins in England with children seeking shelter as anti-aircraft guns roar outside. On their arrival in Canada, they are thrilled by the brightly lit citie [...]

Length: 10:18, Views: 1,203
 Churchill's Island
This film won the NFB its first Oscar® and was also the first documentary to win this coveted award. It presents the strategy of the Battle of Britain, showing with penetrating clarity the relationship of the various forces that went to make up the isl [...]

Length: 21:28, Views: 1,747
 Corvette Port Arthur
This short documentary examines the role of convoy ships during World War II, focusing on the Corvette Port Arthur. The corvette, a highly mobile weapon of destruction, is used to combat German U-boats and escort convoys through the Atlantic Ocean. Fol [...]

Length: 21:35, Views: 1,264
 Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command
This feature-length documentary focuses on the Canadian pilots who served in the air force bomber command in Britain during World War II. From the outset, it was clear to Britain that air combat would be the key factor in the battle against Hitler's Ge [...]

Length: 1:44:04, Views: 1,707
 Democracy at Work
This short documentary was made near the end of World War II to introduce the subject of the need for labour-management committees. Government and industry in Canada were looking to a post-war era where production would have to be converted to peacetim [...]

Length: 18:00, Views: 940
 Everywhere in the World
This 1940s newsreel demonstrates how the U.S.A. and the Commonwealth countries contributed to the war effort during World War II.

Length: 16:00, Views: 1,028
 Fields of Sacrifice
This 1964 documentary returns to the battlefields where over 100,000 Canadian soldiers lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. The film also visits cemeteries where servicemen are buried. Filmed from Hong Kong to Sicily, this documentary i [...]

Length: 38:13, Views: 1,224
 Food, Weapon of Conquest
This 1940s wartime newsreel shows the food shortage in Nazi-occupied countries that have been forced to hand over their farm produce to Germany, leaving their own populations hungry. Part of the Canada Carries On series.

Length: 22:00, Views: 1,266
 Food: Secret of the Peace
Made at the end of WWII, this short film shows scenes of food queues, hunger riots and famine in liberated Europe, pointing out the political danger that lies in starvation conditions. Causes of food shortages and measures taken by the Allies to solve [...]

Length: 11:00, Views: 1,369
 Fortress Japan
This short documentary examines the strength of the enemy forces in Japan towards the end of World War II. The mobilization of Japan's people and the consolidation of her fleets and armies along the front are weighed against the Allied Forces preparati [...]

Length: 17:11, Views: 953
 Headline Hunters
This short film from 1945 demonstrates how broadcasters and journalists relayed war news back to Canada. It includes glimpses of the complex organization behind them - the military PR directors, the censors, dispatch riders, engineers and the Canadian [...]

Length: 11:00, Views: 1,064
 In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944
This documentary looks at the events of June 6, 1944, when a combined force of American, British and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. The Allied invasion of occupied France was a turning point in the war against Hitler's Germany. From [...]

Length: 1:45:00, Views: 1,973
 Keep Your Mouth Shut
This animated short from Norman McLaren features a human skull cautioning Canadians to “keep their mouths shut” in an effort to end gossiping during World War II.

Length: 2:20, Views: 1,225
 Labour Front
This newsreel on the mobilization of manpower during World War II shows how the workers on production lines produced a tremendous volume of materials for the Allied war effort. It points out that after the war these workers expect to find the opportuni [...]

Length: 21:00, Views: 976
 Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis
From the beginning of the Second World War in 1939, Mackenzie King tried to avoid conscription. Most English Canadians thought young men should be sent to fight, while most French Canadians vehemently disagreed. This same division had nearly torn the c [...]

Length: 31:04, Views: 1,759
This documentary follows a Holocaust survivor in 1965 on an emotional pilgrimage to Bergen Belsen, the last of 11 concentration camps where he was held by the Nazis. He and 30 other former Jewish inmates travel through the new Germany. Scenes still viv [...]

Length: 58:17, Views: 1,253
 Proudly She Marches
This film from the Second World War is a report on how Canadian women were trained to handle many kinds of work in the Canadian Women's Army Corps, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service. Basic training, everyday life [...]

Length: 18:00, Views: 1,204
 Rosies of the North
They raised children, baked cakes... and built world-class fighter planes. Sixty years ago, thousands of women from Thunder Bay and the Prairies donned trousers, packed lunch pails and took up rivet guns to participate in the greatest industrial war ef [...]

Length: 46:40, Views: 1,582
 Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941
This film is part of the Valour and the Horror series, three controversial films on Canadian involvement in World War II. In the autumn of 1941, nearly 2,000 inexperienced Canadian soldiers were sent to Hong Kong at the request of the British governmen [...]

Length: 1:44:01, Views: 2,588
 Suffer Little Children
This short documentary is part of the Canada Carries On series. At the end of World War II there were sixty million sick and starving children in Europe. The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration undertook to provide food, clothing, s [...]

Length: 10:00, Views: 1,305
 The Enemy Within
This feature-length documentary looks at German POWs from the WWII who were housed in 25 camps across Canada. Filmmaker Eva Colmers follows her father's story - Theo Melzer - who spent three and a half years in a POW camp in Lethbridge, Alberta. Growin [...]

Length: 52:04, Views: 7,696
 The Pacifist Who Went to War
This documentary is the story of two Mennonite brothers from Manitoba who were forced to make a decision in 1939, as Canada joined World War II. In the face of 400 years of pacifist tradition, should they now go to war? Ted became a conscientious objec [...]

Length: 51:59, Views: 1,849
 The War for Men's Minds
This black-and-white newsreel from the Second World War describes the war on the information and propaganda fronts and the hopes for a future founded on cooperation. Part of the World in Action series.

Length: 21:39, Views: 1,114
 Timber Front
This black-and-white archival film outlines the importance of Canada's forests in the national war effort during the Second World War.

Length: 21:00, Views: 1,266
 To the Ladies
From the Canada Carries On series, this is a tribute to the women of Canada for their part in the World War II effort. The Canadian Women's Army Corps and homemakers alike were called upon to do their part. From careful budgeting in the home to service [...]

Length: 10:00, Views: 1,534
 Tomorrow's World
From the Canada Carries On series, this documentary emphasizes the importance of conservation and rationing, and the increased industrial production, during World War II. It suggests that "tomorrow's world" will be more prosperous and better planned be [...]

Length: 19:00, Views: 1,136
 Train Busters
This short film depicts the strength and resources of the Royal Canadian Air Force, with its 32 overseas squadrons. It includes footage that explains the Allied air strategy of hitting the German army's nerve centres and features Canadian airplanes des [...]

Length: 13:00, Views: 1,192
 Unwanted Soldiers
This documentary tells the personal story of filmmaker Jari Osborne's father, a Chinese-Canadian veteran. She describes her father's involvement in World War II and uncovers a legacy of discrimination and racism against British Columbia's Chinese-Canad [...]

Length: 48:48, Views: 1,338
 Wings on Her Shoulder
This short archival film documents the Woman's Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force of 1943, 9,000 strong, an able corps trained for service at home and overseas. Their aim is to prepare themselves for an important role in the flying field after th [...]

Length: 9:00, Views: 919
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