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Fallen Today
On February 24 throughout our military history; during World War I, World War II and the Korean War, a total of 186 men and women died in the service of Canada. The names of the fallen are listed below. They will be forever remembered.
 Name  Rank  Regiment  Year
Alexander Peattie  Private  Canadian Divisional Cyclist Company  1915
George William Eadle  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1915
William Taylor  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1916
John Kline Saltsman  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1916
Thomas Allaby  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Mark Nearing  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1916
Riede Andrews  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1916
William James Chambers  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1916
Duncan Colvin  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1916
Thomas Calder  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Maurice Smith  Serjeant  Rifle Brigade  1916
William Lang  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps  1916
George Mugford  Private  Royal Newfoundland Regiment  1916
Laurent Stuart  Lance Corporal  Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion  1917
Charles Neville Holmes  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
Robert Paton Sharpe  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
Joseph Graham  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Walter George Riggs  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)  1917
John Wareham  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
James Nelson Barnhardt  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
William Alexander Cameron  Major  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1917
Maurice Ashe  Corporal  1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.)  1918
Albert Neals  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1918
John Alexander Cathie  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1918
Henry William Powers  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1918
Andrew Jackson Swick  Private  Canadian Infantry (Nova Scotia Regiment)  1918
Frederick William Snow  Officer Cadet  Royal Flying Corps  1918
Norman Sellars  Officer Cadet  Royal Flying Corps  1918
John Carnell Parsons  Officer Cadet  Royal Flying Corps  1918
Lester Luke Brennan  Second Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps  1918
Frank Chown  Officer Cadet  Royal Naval Air Service  1918
Edward Berteau  Officer Cadet  Royal Naval Air Service  1918
Joseph F Maloney  Private  Royal Newfoundland Regiment  1918
William Aimer Kenny  Lieutenant  1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.)  1919
Bertie Wright  Armourer Corporal  1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.)  1919
Norman Mohn  Private  Canadian Army Service Corps  1919
John Horwell  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1919
Wilbert Wesley Silverson  Driver  Canadian Engineers  1919
William Roderick Allison  Gunner  Canadian Garrison Artillery  1919
William Connell  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1919
James William May  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1919
Alfred Maull  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1919
Arthur Wye  Sapper  Canadian Railway Troops  1919
George Lee Coffing  Second Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1919
Noel Daniel Nunan  Second Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1919
Wilfred James Arthur Sydes  Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1919
John Fenton  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1920
Earl Anderson  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1920
Philipe Anglehart  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1920
Fred Dunkley  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1920
John Andrew Irvine  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
Richard Walters  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
George Arthur Carter  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Air Force  1940
William Bruce Hunter  Pilot Officer  Royal Air Force  1940
Otto Keeping  Able Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
Somerled Macdougall  Master  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
Ernest Rochester Macleod  Fireman and Trimmer  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
George Mombourquette  Mess Room Boy  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
Joseph Nolan  Able Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
George Edward Penny  Ordinary Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
Thomas Pulcine  Fireman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
Ernest Henri Roberts  First Radio Officer  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
George Henry Green  Flying Officer  Royal Air Force  1941
Robert Frederick Halliwell  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1941
Earl Hector Atkins  Pilot Officer  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve  1941
Thomas William Marler  Bombardier  Royal Canadian Artillery  1941
Horace William Webb  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Engineers  1941
Robert Frederick Lawson  Lieutenant Commander  Royal Canadian Navy  1941
George Duncan Stevenson  Private  Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps  1941
Mervyl Charles Kennedy  Ordinary Seaman  Royal Navy  1941
Ralph Henry Luff  Ordinary Seaman  Royal Navy  1941
Allan Mckinnon  Ordinary Seaman  Royal Navy  1941
William Edward Mercer  Ordinary Seaman  Royal Navy  1941
Donald Douisen Snow  Ordinary Seaman  Royal Navy  1941
William Alfred John Willis  Private  Canadian Provost Corps  1942
Robert Davidson  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Keith Selwyn Davies  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Robert Douglas Fairbairn  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Arthur Kreut  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Ian Mackenzie  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Caldwell Harvey Mccredie  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Francis Charles O'connor  Flight Sergeant, Observer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Leslie Robert Sinclair  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Leon Charles Grenier  Private  Veterans Guard of Canada  1942
Albert Raymond Green  Corporal  Winnipeg Grenadiers, R.C.I.C.  1942
Philip Bosloy  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Richard John Secord Dawson  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Francis Raymond Hathaway  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Richard Winley Hosick  Aircraftman 2nd Class  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Harold Chester Johnson  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Ernest Hubert Laudrum  Aircraftman 2nd Class  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Edgar Macmillan  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Thomas Donald Mathews  Aircraftman 2nd Class  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
David Ronald Rhea  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Maurice Medcalf Rowe  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
John Joseph Slabick  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Harold Spurr  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Thomas George Leask  Boatswain  Canadian Merchant Navy  1944
Albert Edward Wood  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Clayton Veitenheimer  Sergeant  First Special Service Force  1944
Alexander John Kovacs  Private  Irish Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1944
George Albert Andrews  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Eugene Herman Barbet  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Earl Theodore Bell  Warrant Officer Class I  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
John Gordon Broder  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Donald Joseph Byrne  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Hudson Cecil Campbell  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Douglas Joseph Eastham  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Kendall Goodfellow  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Bruce Moore Gordon  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Clarence Walter Gugins  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Solomon Kay  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Harold Leon Kemp  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Elmer Kennedy  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Frederick George Langford  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Stephan August Loftson  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Alfred Joseph Long  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Andrew Christopher Neville  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Thomas Gudlaugur Robinson  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Donald William Sangster  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Meyer Edsel Schwartz  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Andrew Ian Sinclair  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Gordon Stewart  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Douglas Gibbs Strachan  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Robert William Taylor  Warrant Officer Class I  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Herbert Huson Wright  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
John Campbell  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1944
Joseph Varrence  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1944
Bernard Christopher O'reilly  Private  Royal Canadian Infantry Corps  1944
Ernest Thibodeau  Private  Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps  1944
Thomas Roy Lovell  Corporal  Winnipeg Grenadiers, R.C.I.C.  1944
Bernard Klaudt  Private  Canadian Forestry Corps  1945
Lowell Hillyard Miller  Guardsman  Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C.  1945
Albert Humphries Warman  Corporal  Canadian Postal Corps  1945
Oliver Crocker Brandon  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Thomas Edison Campbell  Lieutenant  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Lester Clarke  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Russell William Faubert  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Thomas Holmes  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
George Larkin  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Gordon Stewart Macdonell  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Douglas Pollon  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Burkle Toman  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Jean Paul Belanger  Private  Le Regiment de Maisonneuve, R.C.I.C.  1945
Joseph Leopold Aubin  Private  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Harry Elmer Delargie  Private  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Marmaduke Hepton  Private  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Robert Moffatt  Private  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Raymond Clifford Brown  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Frederick Einar Casher  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Joseph Alfred Emile Thomas Cousineau  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Charles Cleghorn Brockie Craigie  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Joseph Garrett Doyle  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
James Gallagher  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
William Harvey Jones  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Donald Scott Macnabb  Flight Lieutenant Navigator  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Paul Pokryfka  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Lewis Alexander Russell  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
John Bradley  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Rueben George Frederick Filsinger  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Joseph Arthur Lucien Gosselin  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Joseph Reil Lamirande  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Charles Sidney Mason  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Jack Leroy Pierce  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
George Arthur Potter  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Clifford Auldon Reid  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Michel Ruest  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Eldred Gordon Fetterly  Sergeant  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
David Petrucci  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Earl George Blong  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Liddle Chapman  Corporal  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Leslie Roberts  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Andrew William Simpson  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ernest Joseph Auguste Vermette  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Robert Foreman  Private  Seaforth Highlanders of Canada  1945
Paul Adolph Larson  Corporal  Seaforth Highlanders of Canada  1945
Wesley Oscar Alguire  Private  Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Kenneth Barr  Private  Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Duncan Archibald Campbell  Warrant Officer Class II  Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Edgar Washington Hearn  Corporal  Royal Canadian Air Force  1946
Henry Andri Hanson  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1946
Rolley Elsworth Hightower  Private  Royal Canadian Infantry Corps  1946
William Hodgson  Electrical Artificer 4th Class  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1946
Otis Harrison  Rifleman  Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1946
Joseph Denis Pierre Andre Carriere  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1947
Hume Gordon Shepard  Major  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1947