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Fallen Today
On February 25 throughout our military history; during World War I, World War II and the Korean War, a total of 179 men and women died in the service of Canada. The names of the fallen are listed below. They will be forever remembered.
 Name  Rank  Regiment  Year
Wilson Davis  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1915
Thomas Owen Parry Howard  Private  Canadian Army Medical Corps  1916
Charles James Gleeson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1916
James Benjamin Brodie  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1916
John Alexander Laforme  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Frederick Macdougall  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Gordon Thomas Morkin  Sergeant  Canadian Army Service Corps  1917
Harold Arthur Garbutt  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
William Laws Newman  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
James Ronald  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
James Henry Edmondson  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1917
Thomas James Mccoll  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1917
Rex Smith  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1917
Andrew Forsyth Livingstone  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Frederick George  Private  Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)  1917
Hartley Blackwood  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Charles Edward Dyer  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Frank Gallison  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Michael Joseph Hackett  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Leo Mcneil  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Theogene Ouellette  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
William Wilson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
John David Court  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1917
Basil Elmo Atkins  Captain  North Staffordshire Regiment  1917
Walter Sommers  Private  Northumberland Fusiliers  1917
Neil Moor Christie  Private  Royal Army Service Corps  1917
John Bruce Hammond  Sapper  Royal Engineers  1917
Lewis Ewing Smith  Flight Sub Lieutenant  Royal Naval Air Service  1917
John Bertram Young  Sergeant  Royal Newfoundland Regiment  1917
Alexander Reader  Private  Royal Newfoundland Regiment  1917
Orlando Brown  Private  Royal Newfoundland Regiment  1917
John Dickson  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1918
Elgin Frederick Weir  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1918
Louis Couillard  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Horace Firth  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Charles Russell Hillis  Lieutenant  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1918
James Gilbert Campbell  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1918
Charles Frederick Perdue  Private  Fort Garry Horse  1918
Charles Joseph Mcgregor  Lance Corporal  2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (British Columbia Regt.)  1919
William Thomas Hackett  Captain  Canadian Army Dental Corps  1919
Randal Brown  Private  Canadian Army Medical Corps  1919
Frederick Charles Harrison  Private  Canadian Army Medical Corps  1919
Frank Diss  Private  Canadian Army Service Corps  1919
George Christopher Holdenby  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1919
Cameron Speck  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1919
John Corrigan  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1919
Guy Ambrose  Gunner  Canadian Garrison Artillery  1919
Almon Corkum  Private  Canadian Garrison Regiment  1919
James Joseph Sanders  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1919
Calvin Hartling  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1919
Samuel Walter Oram  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1919
Bruce Tragellas Tole  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1919
Francis Albert Hueston  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1919
John Mcdonald  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1919
Jack Herrick  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1919
Richard Welsh  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1919
Wilfred Broadley Barugh  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1919
Ernest George Forder  Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1919
Robert Cowin  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Nova Scotia Regiment)  1920
Herbert Coles  Private  Royal Canadian Dragoons  1920
Samuel Frederick Taylor Halbert  Lieutenant  Canadian Army Veterinary Corps  1921
Ross Fitzsimmons  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1921
Joseph Clifford Lyons  Private  Canadian Light Horse  1921
Ernest James Cox  Private  Royal Air Force  1921
George Nelson Baggs  Lance Corporal  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
Daniel Alexander Mcdonald  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
John Joseph Mclean  Sapper  Tunneling Company  1922
David Stewart Clarke  Chief Radio Officer  Canadian Merchant Navy  1940
William Richard Jones  Fireman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1940
Nelson Scotchmer  Private  Royal Army Ordnance Corps  1940
Lauchlin Malin  Private  Cape Breton Highlanders, R.C.I.C  1941
Edward Samuel James Taylor  Private  Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.  1941
Joseph Goodwin Butcher  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Harry Albert Howarth  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Lloyd Ross Lancaster  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
William Henry Prest  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Bennie John Smith  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
George Arthur Connolly  Chief Engineer  Canadian Merchant Navy  1942
John Theodore Wright  Private  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1942
Robert Morrison Wray  Bombardier  Royal Artillery  1942
Ashley Lorne Little  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Donald Luther  Able Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1943
Lloyd William Clark  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Donald Joseph Curtin  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Dudley Jack Edwards  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Edward Blake Farren  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
John Stanley Fayle  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Roy Neil Graham  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Stanley Hannah  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Francis Surrage Jenkins  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Perry King  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
James Frederick Kirk  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Joseph Louis Bernard Larin  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Allison Frederick Weeks Macleod  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Maxwell Frederick Reid  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Irving Louis Sanitsky  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Murray Kerr Sexton  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Alfred Phillip Sheffield  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
George Howard Wheeler  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Jack Vincent Willbee  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Percy Gordon Williams  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Stanley Woolley  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Stephen Borden Worley  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Stuart Marston Wright  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Alexander Ankity  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1943
Gordon Francis Langevin  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1943
Nelson Oral Howe  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1943
John Teravainen  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1943
Joseph Whittle  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1943
William Latham Alder  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
George Henry Bentinck  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Norval Bergland  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Bertil Wilfred Bergquist  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Hector Frederick Binder  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Thomas Leo Connolly  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
David Crawley  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Leo Lorne Norman De Celles  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Peter Hartley Doig  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Johann Walter Einarson  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Armour John Emerson  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Leonard Earl Goodkey  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Percy Hamilton  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Oscar Leonard Harrington Harding  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Richard Campbell Herod  Warrant Officer Class I  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Charles William Hickey  Corporal  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Gordon Hillman  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Harvey Ellis Hirst  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Mervyn Eugene Hodgins  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Francis Leonard Kennedy  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Martin Allan Knight  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Charles Algernon Lavery  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Henry Maynard Long  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gerald Rowland Machesney  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Alfred Rothwell Mark  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Patrick Gregory Mcguire  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Donald Alexander Price  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
David Ballantine Richardson  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Dallas Rex Robinson  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Frederick Paul Smith  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
John Edward Strain  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gordon Lewis Ward  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Erle Keith Williams  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Rowland Bernard Wright  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Martin  Sergeant  Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1944
Edward Thomas Johnson  Private  Winnipeg Grenadiers, R.C.I.C.  1944
Richard Norman Stewart  Lieutenant  Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)  1945
Paul Haines Childs  Private  Black Watch of Canada  1945
Joseph Robert Royal Bob Asselin  Captain  Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, R.C.I.C.  1945
Forrest Leon Freeman  Private  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
George Henry Howard  Private  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ronald Joseph Warren  Private  Monmouthshire Regiment  1945
Edwin Richard Alm  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Herbert John Arnold  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Ivor Bruce Benson  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
John Gilbert Ross Buchanan  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Louis Philippe Cloutier  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Robert Stanley Edick  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
William Ross Fields  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Vincent Bernard Fleming  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Harold Richard Hammerton  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Chester Allen Holmlund  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Eric Alexander Innes  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Alex Kotyk  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Gordon William Lee  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Hector Lochhead  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Reginald Frank Piercy  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Robert John Cook  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Charles Taylor  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1945
Maurice Phillipe Mccrea  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Daniel Ernest Perrin  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Donald William Head  Lance Corporal  Seaforth Highlanders of Canada  1945
William Frederick Stanley  Trooper  Royal Canadian Armoured Corps  1946
Lowell Francis Macleod  Able Seaman  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1946
William Howard Hilton Cuthbert  Private  New Brunswick Rangers, R.C.I.C.  1947
Robert Edward Froud  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1947
Ross Cleave  Trooper  Royal Canadian Armoured Corps  1947
Alfred Ernest Roy Hansen  Private  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1951
Jerrold Norman John Maxwell  Private  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1951
Raymond Charles Roberts  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1952