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The Dieppe Raid
This page contains general information about this battle, fought during the Second World War.
 War  World War II
 Theatre  North West Europe, 1942
 Campaign/Op  Operation Jubilee
 Date  Aug. 19, 1942
 Force Size  5000
 Casualties  907 killed, ? wounded
 Content Page  The Dieppe Raid
 Gallantry Awards
Lt. Col. Charles Merritt - Saskatchewan's - Victoria Cross
From the point of landing, his unit's advance had to be made across a bridge swept by very heavy machine-gun, mortar and artillery fire: the first parties were mostly destroyed and the bridge covered by their bodies. Waving his helmet, Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt rushed forward shouting, 'Come on over! There's nothing to worry about here. He thus personally led the survivors of at least four parties in turn across the bridge. Quickly organizing these, he led them forward and when held up by enemy pillboxes he again headed rushes which succeeded in clearing them. In one case he himself destroyed the occupants of the post by throwing grenades into it. After several of his runners became casualties, he himself kept contact with his different positions. Although twice wounded Merritt continued to direct the unit's operations with great vigour and determination and while organizing the withdrawal he stalked a sniper with a Bren gun and silenced him. He then coolly gave orders for the departure and announced his intention to hold off and 'get even with' the enemy. When last seen he was collecting Bren and Tommy guns and preparing a defensive position which successfully covered the withdrawal from the beach.
Rev. John Weir Foote - Victoria Cross
Captain Foote coolly and calmly during the eight hours of the battle walked about collecting the wounded. His gallant actions saved many lives and inspired those around him by his example. At the end of this gruelling time he climbed from the landing craft that was to have taken him to safety and deliberately walked into the German position in order to be taken prisoner so that he could be of help to those men who would be in captivity until May 5, 1945.
 Battle Account
 Regiments  Killed   Wnd. 
 The Calgary Regiment    
 The Essex Scottish Regiment    
 Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal    
 The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada    
 The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry    
 The Royal Regiment of Canada    
 The Toronto Scottish Regiment    
 The South Saskatchewan Regiment  84  167