This page contains general information about this battle, fought during the Second World War.
 War  World War II
 Theatre  North America
 Campaign/Op  Aleutian Islands
 Date  Aug. 7, 1943
 Force Size  -
 Casualties  4 killed, 30 wounded
 Gallantry Awards
 Battle Account
On August 7, 1943, an invasion force of 34,426 Allied troops landed on Kiska. The Canadians primarily came from the 13th Canadian Infantry Brigade of the 6th Canadian Infantry Division. The Canadian forces also included the Canadian component of the First Special Service Force.

The invasion force landed only to find the island abandoned. Under the cover of fog, the Japanese had successfully removed their troops on July 28 without the Allies noticing. Allied casualties during the operation nevertheless numbered 313. All of these casualties were the result of friendly fire, booby traps set out by the Japanese, disease, or frostbite.
 Regiments  Killed   Wnd. 
 The Canadian Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)    
 The Winnipeg Grenadiers, 1st Battalion    
 The Rocky Mountain Rangers    
 Le Régiment de Hull    
 First Special Service Force